That Girl on Beach

I know that you exist in my imagination
Often seated on the sun-baked beaches
With the slender legs cuddled together
Hands holding on to knees supporting the stature

Eyes so deep which though want to say something
But prefer not to utter a word and speak nothing
Behind those wet streaks of hair kissing your chicks
Hidden is a face so outspoken

I know I have seen a girl behind that veil
Which has put on a mask to hide the mind’s trail
Oh destiny, oh faith and oh loving nature
Show some mercy on this poor creature

Perhaps that shy little woman
I want to have her for some strange reason
That she has rekindled a flame within
That premordial fire which set ablaze the heaven

Oh destiny, she seems to have come from some distance past
Often I could hear the murmur from the time lost
In a blue saree taking a twisted turn in a green garden
Though stranger now but an accomplice forever !

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