Whoa ! Google Suite is now Google Workspace.

Google is everywhere ! This proverbial reality about Google cannot be undermined while there is buzz around social media, but of course Google is a giant. It has grown in size and scale like no other company has ever been able to do.
Yesterday Google has renamed it’s enterprise solution Google Suite to Google Workspace. It’s obvious that Google is riding the digital wave. The wave being pushed by the Corona virus and pandemic. Humans are afraid to venture out yet they want to ensure business continuity and have caught air of the potential digital world has to offer to the global citizens.
Google has officially announced that Google Suite will be recognised as Google Workspace with some revamping in brand and many of the solutions. All Google business versions of freeware offered to retail customers would soon be offered as a bundle with some add-ons at extra price. Worth the deal though ! Google has added value to individual life by revolutionizing the way we had been transacting. Started has a humble search engine it has been riding on the human quest to know more and be informed about global affairs. Nobody ever anticipated the value a humble search function could add to a tech company.Just think it this way. Every individual customer gets a cloud space of 15GB free on signing a free account. If you have seven such email IDs, that would be 100 GB of free cloud storage. Enough to backup your important stuff for life. Yet Google had been offering some product free of cost and it has unlocked the value by offering advertising space to merchants and transferring the value to an individual.

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