The Pandemic

How The World Has Changed Since ?

Since the end of March all of us have been suffering through this so called pandemic which back then wasn’t supposed to be this severe. Whole of the humanity has been undergoing a crisis which was unimagined so far. The whole social fabric has changed and the way things were has now changed forever.

I remember saying something like this back then ‘ The world will never be the same’. And lo behold, see what happened since then. A large group of people have been confined to their home boundaries. The office goers especially those dealing in essential services have been commuting under restrictions with fears mounted over their heads all time. Kids have since been not seen face of their schools and online education has become the new buzzword. Even the generation born in sixties say that they have never seen such a restriction and horror for whole of their life. Most factories have been shut down and a large group of people have lost their jobs with an uncertainty over prospect of being employed in future. What a catastrophe ! Are we going to live in such a imprisonment for whole of our life ?

On 4th August, we read a statement from WHO claiming that the mortality in Covid 19 is at 0.6{c89a2333bb439d617db3c55be54e397a01e0de7fe076ea2e3f21aa175d3d2851}, that makes it not so lethal even compared with common flue! Then what the hell we had been scared off for last 4 months? Why is still lockdown around the globe even after such an official statement from the WHO ? We we are still clueless about this spooky affair from the World Health Organisation. Of course there are conspiracy theories which have been circling the corners of World wide Web and people getting sceptical about the whole pandemic.

Now there are certain changes which happens since the pandemic has occurred. First of all the very definition of essentials has changed since there was a strixt lockdown in the beginning, when people used to cue up only for something that is needed for survival. People never dreamt that grocery and vegetables could become so rare to purchase even if you have loads of money at your house. We never stood in ques for vegetables ever in our life. I remember that I had to wake up early and stand in a queue nearly for one and a half hour to buy vegetables. Then there was a point when everything was so scarce and we had to compromise with kind of food that we eat on daily basis. Restaurants and places of hangouts have still been closed down and we are awaiting as to when they will start their operations ? Schools and colleges have since since been closed down han online learning has become the new norm with the society. There was a time that kids were not allowed to carry mobile phone and now the time that they have to you learn everything over the device. What a change the virus has brought!

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