Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer

This debut book by Dr. Clint Rogers talks about Dr Pankaj Naram, who has been recognised as a healing master who practised the techniques of Siddh Veda who brought holistic healing to millions of patients whom he had encountered in his lifespan. When allopathy had given up hopes and shut it’s doors to suffering souls; a Master Healer who claims his lineage to Jeevaka, a personal doctor to The Great Buddha; bring in healing and peace in their lives.
Dr Clint had shared his experiences with Numerous jourenies he had taken with Dr Naram across the globe and shared us some of the ancient Secrets of deeper healing in this much awaited book.
Dr Naram passed away if February 2020 this year amidst the pandemic but his wisdom needs to be shared and practised in the world where modern day medical industry is looking at reaping profits by scaring the patients and mostly misguiding them.
Do read this book for gaining an insight into Siddh Veda and learning few ancient secrets.

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