Individual Reality

While flipping through pages of a book, I get these intermittent flashes on nature of reality. My human intellect within is trying to build a model of my understanding of the concept.

Reality is what is perceived by us through the five senses which are given to us. How do we interpret it ? With the senses which are connected to brain. I want to use this analogy of radio telescope array which build up a complete waveform using parts monitored by individual dish in an array. An individual antennae picks up only a part of the wave and studies than in detail. This part is then transmitted to a central computer for further processing. The complex algorithm at the central computer adds of these parts and try to create a holistic picture of the celestial object. The catch here is that we are only studying the radiological aspect of the star and not the whole picture. Second thing the final picture is only true to the extent the laws of algorithm which have built it up. So these laws can be challenged and if so the algorithm might create a false image of the picture. We never question the authenticity of the algorithm. Likewise we pick up reality through different senses which operate at different spectrum and them we try to build up a picture of reality. Our interpretation or the han algorithm might be wrong or it would have assigned a convention to make an abstract understanding of the data.

In a nutshell, our notion of reality might be corrupt or misinterpreted. We never know. Or may be the laws of physics are local to the universe as accepted by the consciousness. So we may have another overlapping consciousness which might be operating with some different sets of principles and so the being there may perceive reality in a different fashion! We never know !

Second challnege is the processing capabilities of our human mind. Although we receive 2 billions bits of information per second through our eyes, we process only 2000 bits to address our computational power. So in the process we are chopping down the ultimate essence of reality and are getting only a part of the information. So my contention is that a picture can be understood in myriads of ways by different observers.

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