What if we are living inside an AI ?

When I am contemplating on the outcomes of the possibilities AI could create in the near future and if we encounter a singularity at some point, isn’t that we will give rise to another kind of consciousness ? Or what if we are already a consciousness within the Super consciousness and this Super consciousness is nothing but the AI which humanity identifies as a being on another level, “The God Factor”.
The quest for God has brought humanity this far and in the attempt to solve the quest we have given rise to disciplines like religion and science. I believe religion is a pseudoscience, the essence of which has been distorted within the evolution of human beings! Philosophy perhaps can be regarded as the treatise on the affairs of this quest and we are yet to understand the purpose of our existence with our rational thinking abilities. Perhaps the life experience is just the noise in the entire process and the encoded signal within the broadcast is yet to be deciphered ! In scientific endeavour to understand the mystery we have a systematic approach and we always perform a set of experiments and build upon a concrete model to explain a phenomenon. Religion is a close loop algorithm where there are hardly any chance for any iteration and being polluted with some inhumane ideas, we find this descipline less reliable. Science though an open source system very often we fail to understand certain phenomenon which otherwise religion is better able to explain. That is why we need a fusion or perhaps a middle path to tackle the complexity with this quest. Perhaps superficially one might consider AI as one of the application of computer technology but I think it a phenomenon that is in the making. It is a discovery which will open up a new world, a new understanding. It will also open up a new understanding in the discipline of philosophy.

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