The Venus Project.

In harmony with nature.

I stumbled upon the video about “The Venus Project”, a brainchild of Mr Jacque Fresco who has practically implemented this project in Florida, USA.
Can we not think of an economic model, which lives in harmony with nature and at the same time satisfies human needs on the similar lines.
We cannot ignore the harm that we are doing to mother nature and at the same time do nothing to prevent catastrophe from happening. The current socioeconomic model is the most corrupt one and needs to be changed before any major planetary catastrophe sets in. No amount of money or political power can reverse the damage done, if not addressed on time. We do have an answer and we pretend not to have one !
If we analyse economical activities, can we shortlist some of the highly polluting one ! Let’s see what are those activities. One of them is traveling. Why do we travel ? Our daily commute from office or school from home is one of the major reason why do we travel. Can we not cut down the reasons for travel. Like companies can have a concept of working hubs like places where employees can stay and work within a close space. This will reduce the need for travel and as well improve output as the employee has less time to travel and can relax and rejuvenate to perform better. The ultimate idea is to decentralise the economy. Why let some cities grow like wildfire and let villages be abandoned. Why not make village economy self sustaining. The other main reason for pollution is fuel consumed in power generation. We do have working prototypes and technologies which can help us in generating clean energy. On an average Earth receives 174 Petawatt of energy from Sun, off which 30% is reflected back in space. This all energy falls within visible spectrum. Rest all we can’t even think off. What if we can harness only 1% of that 30% energy which goes back unutilised ? We can reduce carbon footprint by a huge number! Secondly we use energy mostly for cooking. What are the avenues to cut this down. Apart from this there is one aspect which is related to our cuisines. In an endeavour to improve taste we have largely compromised with our health and research has proven that raw food is the healthiest and cheapest to make. Cooked food causes various ailments which can be debated to larger length. If we resort to old school way of cuisine not only we can reduce energy consumption but can also improve on our health. The modern day food culture is destroying the idea of health and is creating havoc with spread of lifestyle diseases. Switching over to raw or semi cooked food can help us cut down on pain and health expenditure in a big way. Secondly using solar or renewable means of energy for cooking food can help us achieve our goal. I was reading onto cow economics which some of our liberals may mock about but we have to be open minded and critical of any novel or ancient idea that might help us. We have 1.7 million cows and may be equal number of buffaloes. If we can use their dung for gobar gas generation to full extent, we can cut down LPG consumption almost 100% and can save valuable foreign exchange as well. Can we not think about community gobar gas plants or a giant digester for a village which can supply energy to entire village. This is possible, the only hurdles are social or political. “An integrated farming project can save the world from major catastrophe”. The current socioeconomic model is doomed to fail and a awakened mind can definitely notice symptoms. We simply cannot ignore this. We have to rise up for the cause because we have only one planet. Can we have a degenerative approach to the brick and mortar house we live in? We cannot. Think as if we have a tiny house within a giant house that is our Mother Earth. We have to think about this. No billionaire or Government are going to do anything about this. Because it is contradictory to their motto of minting money at the cost of ecological balance.
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