Dancing with an elephant!

Oh! Perhaps one of the unforgettable moment of my life ! There they came, with their worldly belly and feet like a heavy wooden logs, smashing and thumping the meadows and the creatures under the burrows. With their tusks all armed and pointing to bang you in a war and their big dish-like auditory antennae listening to all silent chaos in the universe, the indomitable and surprisingly mighty elephants. Somehow they were thrashed out of their natural territories and invading our lands to seek asylum in this great coastal land. We were darn asleep when they passed our houses, no noise yet somehow the impatient canines picked up their existence and were disturbed to see these unwanted creatures. All came out a chaos with every dog in the village joining the opera and wallowing in the ghoulish yell. Dogs are remarkable indeed. They are so coherent at times yet disgustingly annoying when it’s time to retire in quietness of the night.
Caught in the strange politics of humankind, the elephants were thrown out from one territory to another, helpless to settle down at a point. It was our time to drive them away from our lands and we as well decided to drive them away. It was month of October when paddy was just harvested and fields were yet damp and muddy due to residual water. It was very difficult to tread through such fields but somehow elephants were cruising faster hearing commotion made by beating and clanging of metal objects, which made them crazy. They were running for the peace from this human noise and finally at one point the elephant stopped! Our little torch threw some light on his face and oh! I saw that natural beast at a dangerously close distance. I can still feel the terror looking at the wild beast in the dim lights of a torch. It turned around and lifted his trunk making a high pitch roar, deafening and frightening ! Enough was enough and the distance between us wasn’t too enough. The beast decided to march on us and made a very frantic move. I was rooted and baffled. In the middle of field all marsh and no firm ground to elope ! With sleepers sticking out to the marshal pitch and a wild and irate beast behind us, nothing was right at that moment, nothing was right! The tables turned around and the prey became the predator. Now it was our time to run, run away from a beastly disaster.

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