Apps of our Life !

I recently stumbled upon one app which one of my friend suggested me. The app was about star gazing and I was literally awestruck with the capabilities these humble apps can offer. Star gazing cannot be this simpler as it has been now. I remember, being an amateur astronomer, I used to buy a paper star tracker which was a flat circular star map as if the skies were pounded down on a piece of paper. But there was always trouble to locate stars for newbies and for me it was a painfully delightful experience! Back then nobody would have thought about technology moving this far that star gazing can be done through a mobile app. The moment I opened the app there came a celestial music of astronomical genre. You can see a planet position accurate to one minute angle and glimpses of meteor shower happening in the sky. But perhaps the most astonishing part comes when you point your phone towards your feet and still you see some constellations never seen before. Constellations viewed from southern hemisphere are rarely known to people living in northern hemisphere. Yet you can see those in this beautiful intuitive app which lets you see beyond the depths of the Earth. Bravo to the modern which stretches it’s abilities and strive to do things better and better. We are witness to these radical transformations taking place.

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