Who was Lao Tzu ?

Wayne W Dyer put forth the philosophy of Lai Tzu in his famous book “Change your thoughts, change your life”. I remember we had a group who used to sit together and read out various philosophical books and discussed over it. It was a moment of wisdom and very meaningful and wiser interpretations were made during those days. Wayne W Dyer was our famous writer. I think he used to write on a different plane where very writers had been able to go. Every sentence and the words and their orientations have a deep meaning and one needs a quite mind and a trance like state to sip in what Dyer have to convey.
Although I want to go even beyond Wayne Dyer and talk about Lao Tzu, a mystic who walked this planet 6th Century BC and left behind his wealth of knowledge as an inheritance for all of us. Tao Te Ching, the compilation of his teachings which includes 84 verses on the affairs of reality and consciousness. Every verse and every sentence has to be read carefully to gain a deeper insight into his ideas. Prima facie you may interpret some other meaning but hidden within one will find even deeper meaning which makes you think of the kind of wisdom this mystic had. Our discussions were all filled with awe and inspiration when we pondered over his verses on the way of life. What we felt in those days is that why such a deep and meaningful wisdom was never shared with us in school! We envy Lao Tzu for the era in which he lived in. People had a taste of Philosophy and they invested their time in understanding the ways of nature. Now the new generation or to quote it politically millennials are starving of wisdom. This denigration in the collective psyche of humankind makes us worried. Our children are taught to become a productive machine in the man made idea of economy. The idea of education of the mind is losing it’s importance and humanity is headed towards a waste land. A land with no meaning and purpose. We have to think on this as human being or as a parent society.

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