We Create our own reality..

Sounds interesting! But folks that’s what the recent scientific inventions are telling us. We denied the ancient wisdom on the pretext that it is baseless. In fact science is telling the same story again. I remember of having heard someone saying that “This Reality is a Mirage”. I would have laughed at him earlier but now Quantum Physics has come to the conclusion that reality is a mirage indeed. The recent advancement in the field of science has made us think as to what we condemned as myth has now been practically approved by science as a reality. Reality itself is being questioned about it’s authenticity. We are yet to touch the deep recesses of human mind which we thought to subjective has now become objective.

A recent study by neurologists confirms that human eye is incapable of seeing beyond two and half feet; then what is that we see in the background. I used to think that Human Eye is a camera capturing images which are external to us but Science is somehow indicating that Human Eye is a projector. We are projecting the reality i.e. it’s us who are creating the universe. Then how is that we create the same universe? The answer is simple, ” We are all connected”. We are not 6 billion human beings, we are the 6 billionth aspect of one human being and we are all connected. We are not inhibiting this planet in isolation. We are creating the reality in parts i.e. we are participating in the process of creating reality. This is a participatory universe what scientists now call holo-fractographic universe. We are projecting the reality every time, we are creators. We have been created in the God’s image and carry all his abilities of thinking and creating. Why we are not aware of it for every new frame we create is more identical to previous frame. As per the persistence of vision we are not able to differentiate between each frame so is the case with reality. Now something strikes my mind the old saying by ascetics who said that ” The Universe is a mirage” and it really is. Solidity that we perceive is a mirage. It is nothing but the electrostatic forces repelling you when you touch some object. The stronger the repelling force , tougher the solidity that you perceive.

Max Planck, one of the famous quantum physicists has stated that “There  is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter”. The most genius minds of our centuries through the enormous research they did and through their extensive comprehension and conclusion have come to this point. Einstein has affirmed that somehow scientists mind were manipulating the outcomes of an experiment in physics. What is this?

I believe Science and Spirituality are not two different things but two aspects of the same faculty. One tries to understand the universe through external observation while other by looking inside the human mind, for the same is made up of the same universe. I prefer calling spiritual not religious. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. it’s said that ” A religion has to be public. It’s faculty has to be available to every human species. For any religion not satisfying the above criterion is not a true religion but sectorian. The religion as per the ancient knowledge is nothing but laws of nature. Laws which when followed benefits not only an individual but entire human species. The religions now have done more harm than any benefit. They have become the causes for separation rather than uniting us. We have to rise over this religious way of life.

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