Something is Happening

Something  is happening
I may sense it a bit little
The plates are drifting
And consciousness is shifting
The palnet is dwindling
for its poles are twisting
like a top that lost its rythem
towards its violent downfall
The magnetic aura is weakning
The galactic wind gushing in
Entire human species is corrupt
for its mind infected with sins
And I find the small mature kids
having lost their innocense
And these grown up adults
with their childish wisdom
I wish to change the world
but cant change myself
That I am the world in part
Without changing the part
How can I change the whole
This dilemma called the life
I dont know its meaning
yet I live it everyday
without removing the suffering
Anyway but one thing for sure
Whatever we all endure
There is a panacea for this chaos
The Earth maintains its balance
And I guarantee you for sure
That something is happening.

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