Religion & Spirituality

I prefer calling myself spiritual. People often mistake spirituality as being religious. If you are spiritual that doesn’t necessarily mean you ought to be religious! For religion and spirituality are two different things nowadays! Centuries ago they were one and the same thing and now they have parted with each other. Even science is no different than religion and spirituality.Spirituality according to me is finding the deep truth by looking deep inside us and science is nothing but finding that deep truth by studying the external reality. They seek answer for the same question but their ways are different. In the recent days in fact the distinction between these two faculties has blurred. We are ushering into a new era; an era of self actualization, an “Age of Wisdom”. Religion has failed on all fronts to unite us as a species. In ancient times the meaning of religion was laws of nature.The laws which are universal and laws which when followed would lead one to enlightenment. Religion was something that would unite all human kind. We humans do not develop merely in body but in mind and spirit as well. To achieve enlightenment we cannot do the same as an individual but our entire species should rise together. We will have to unite as one single human species. Religion has failed to do the same. Religion has become more sectarian and has created gaps between us. Science is doing excellent work by being impartial but often it is stubborn. It doesn’t accept any new idea that is in contradiction with established paradigm.

We have to understand this dichotomy in these two faculties. One thing that goes in favour of religion is it’s premises are much fundamental whereas in case of science it’s strength lies in it’s being vibrant. Religion is stagnant and science is dynamic. Religion defines the ways that we should follow in order to flourish whereas Science discover new ways. What is more beneficial? Million dollar question indeed ! Sometimes I get confused then Lao Tzu guides me. Lao Tzu gives us the wisdom to perceive duality and it is not contradictory but complimentary. Science and Religion are faces of the same coin. You cannot understand light unless there is this feeling of darkness. You cannot realise happiness unless you don’t know what sorrow is! This paradoxical aspect of reality in duality is intrinsically woven into the space-time fabric. To live an enlightened life we have to learn to live with this paradoxical nature of reality.
In the same way Science & Religion are the faces of same coin. You cannot deny one and accept another. Both are inseparable and both cannot exist without the other. They persue the same knowledge and they are both essential in our evolution.

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