Over a cup of coffee.

Over a cup of coffee
We stared at each other
We struggled to speak a word
Perhaps trying breaking the ice
That was the well arranged event
Yet I doubted if I really was there
I expected you for a long period.
To convey the undulances of my heart
I took courage to call you here
I found a little space in this big world
You were though little restless
I could sense that in your movements
That hot beverage then showed up
It added the warmth to the event
The steam oozed out from the froth
It gave me the energy to break silence
I gathered little courage and said
I have been seeing you so longer
From that day I lost myself
I kept on coming around you
To find that lost me within you
Please now do me favour
Please give me my lost space
And fill it up with your presence
Grace it with your kind feelings
Please step up in my life
We will celebrate it together
You smiled and lifted the cup
And peeped me through the steam
You judged in me a person
And gave me a nod in affirmation

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