Normalisation or Limitations

We have seen various equations in Physics being renormalised to achieve a real number.Physics seems to be getting baffled whenever we get solution as an infinite number or an imaginary number. Such solutions are unacceptable and are always avoided but in the process we forget that these solutions appear in the simplest way of solving these equations. Perhaps we fail to understand that these might be the true answers to the problem presented ! The calculation of energy density in a photon particle yields an infinite number so we get rid of such ridiculous(?) answers but its the most natural answer. Nature is the best example of abundance. Look everywhere around you; you don’t find a single tree! They are millions in number. In fact they have million species amongst them. Look at the sky;it’s not just handful! It is vast.Look at water, it rains in floods, it occupies all our oceans and water bodies.In fact we are 90% water! ( Yet we are solid in state!) In a nutshell natureis the best example of abun


dance.It shows abundance,it wants us to live in abundance. It is us who deny the abundant nature of nature.
The equations are not wrong. Mathematics is language of nature. Normalising an infinite solution equation stems from human mindset of materialism. Materialism gives rise to limits and the same we try ascribing to equations in physics. We live in limits and limit everything using our intellect. I have a question, ” Is our intellect really reliable ?”
What I intend to cite here is that modern civilisation entirely depend upon Science & Technology for it’s sustainance. We cannot survive out of this system hence we are ardent believers of Science & Technolgy; though we believe it or not ! And the very foundation of these faculties is based upon the premises of materialism which is a limiting phenomenon.

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