My experiments with Elements

I always wanted to be a scientist and I had a very good reason to be one. Theoretically there are only three disciplines of education viz. Arts, Commerce and Science ! The first one is about our perception of the visible world, the second a fabricated architecture for regulation of society but what really goes deep down at the bottom of reality is Science! First two are man-made; the last one is Mankind’s effort for knowing the surrounding! So learning Science was a fun back then and not an effort to seek job for livelihood. Now no one learns for pure persuasion of the knowledge.
I remember in my childhood we used to carry a compact radio which was the only mean back then for mobile entertainment. It was a magical instrument for the old people,a Pandora’s Box indeed ! Somehow distance voices were trapped into this technological marvel. It was a fun to put that box in the middle of family crowd seated in a circle at leisurely night on the vacation to our native place. There I decided I want to open this box and see what’s inside. But that very thought of opening a brand new Radio had been so challenging as we were seldom allowed to touch the radio box. Finally one day it broke down and I could think of opening it up. The screws were untied and two halves were separated! And Voila ! Out came a juxtaposition of strange cylindrical and square pieces of different colours and shapes ! What a piece of applied science ! A benevolent construction of decades of experiments with Elements! I couldn’t figure out how exactly it functioned. My curiosity was struck with a heavy blow. For next so many days I sunk myself into books about the Radio and it’s mechanics.
Finally one day I learnt about a construction of a Single diode radio without battery. I assembled the pieces for my experiment, a diode, copper wire for construction of a coil and one earphone for listening into the sound. A simple radio without battery for listening to the nearest station with strongest Amplitude Modified (AM) signal. Initially it was frustration with no sound coming from it ! Had I taken dead pieces of electronics that was my concern. Finally after lot of frustration there was a small fickle sound of a Hindi song. Sound was so feeble as I didn’t put any amplifier circuit in place. But that was the day ! A cold shiver ran through my spine as if I had unravelled the greatest quest of mankind.

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