I don’t write to get likes !

Somewhere I heard that writing improves your critical thinking, a right brain faculty. These days we have given up writing with pen which I think was one of the best exercise ever. There were some petty things that we have given up with advent of technology which otherwise were offering loads of benefits to us. We are growing sedentary and hence are turning senseless like couch potatoes! A small walk towards the milk Depot was an effective exercise back then and buying groceries and vegetables in market etc such petty things have lot of physical benefits which we are missing in modern times.
Mobile phones have squeezed the world onto a small 5 inch screen. All that world has become a global village but the distances among human beings have widened. Now people find it difficult to receive your calls. There was a time when we had a landline telephone at our home. We were desperate to hear it ringing so as to experience a different way of talking to someone at faraway places. Now the phone is in almost everybody’s pocket but they are reluctant to talk to certain people. The technology has created not a better world but a wasteland. The older avenues of entertainment have become obsolete. The appreciation of art is dying out. People seek entertainment in worthless stuff. Although I don’t want to discuss the immoral effects of technological advances but the benefits of some old school chores.
Writing is a transcendental process. It fires various dendrons within neurons which stimulates brain. It is stimulating to mind and it’s suppressed faculties. It calls the creative element and takes out the best from you.
So let’s find a small time to put it in black and white on a small piece of paper. Keep writing.
Harshal Kadam

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