Change is in the Offing

“Nothing is permanent, only change is permanent!”
Change is inevitable. One who resists change cannot change anything!
The change here I am talking about is a mass phenomenon! We are changing! Not merely as an individual but as a species altogether. Life itself is a changing phenomenon! Life has an attribute which we have termed as growth.

For growth stems from the changes that are lifeward. We are not the same world as it has been million years earlier.So everything is changing. If we expect zero changes had we been evolved into what we are today? So change is to stay here for sure. Change is permanent!
I happened to notice an event that babies born today open their eyes on the very first day of their arrival and I very well remember that the case was different earlier ! The babies of past used to take 15 days to open their eyes to the world. What is this change? No one is talking about this. Recently I read about an article stating that children born after 1980s are having triple helix structure in their DNA. What is this change again! Who triggera such a change in the entire human consciousness! This very finding gives strength to the concept that ” We are all connected”. Every individual on this planet is connected to eachother. If not so tell me how come such a change occurs on the entire globe? The fact that I want to cite here is we are changing entirely as species! Scientists have affirmed that we are changing form from organic to crystalline species. Look at the periodic table; Silicon is placed next to carbon. Is it a coincidence? That gives me another revealation; are we advancing our way over the periodic table in the order of atomic number? Anyway we are advancing from Carbon based organic paradigm to Silicon based Crystal paradigm. For crystal depicts higher degree of order compared to carbon we are definitely changing for better. We are advancing into a more symmetrical life-form. Now consider the fact of DNA strands being triple helical. We know from Geometry ( more specifically Sacred Geometry) that a three dimensional model of flower of life has more knowledge than two dimensional model. So now the third helix added to DNA definitely has added a lot of information to our consciousness. We are more informed than our predecessors. These recent breakthroughs have struck the very foundation of our way of thinking.Besides we observe various changes in social, political, industrial and alomost all the frontiers. Look at the kids of today! They know evrything that we know now! They are very dynamic and highly hyperactive. Very restless indeed! Is this for better or worse? Well nothing is wrong with that. It is just a part of process we call change and everything is okay with them. They are creating an entirely new world the way we created our world.

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